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Bubba is "the common man", the one who really doesn't usually have a voice or anyone who really represents his interests. Bubba watches his beloved country being sold out to the highest bidder; the government which was supposed to be bound by the chains of the Constitution instead becoming more of a tyranny every day; the police forces becoming militarized tools of that corrupt government; his vote nullified by politicians and criminals (usually one and the same) so they can remain in power and accumulate their tainted wealth; and illegal aliens overrunning virtually every part of the United States with the destruction that brings.

A lone voice in a vast wilderness of ill-educated and ignorant inhabitants of the once mighty United States, Bubba just wants to stand on his soapbox and give his opinions about anything and everything that's happening around him. He hopes that while you won't necessarily agree with everything he says, you'll at least give it an objective read and try to see his point of view.

The thing about Bubba and those like him- and there are many - is that Bubba is easygoing and doesn't want to be confrontational. Enemies, politicians and bureaucrats see this as a weakness and think they can walk all over the Bubbas. But the thing about Bubbas is that they can be pushed quite far, but when the boundary is reached, and Bubba and his friends decide that they will take no more, then you'd better learn the meaning of Fear Bubba!

It is hoped that you will enjoy these digital bits. If not, there are all kinds of places on the web that you can go to find other views. If you are offended by anything posted by Bubba, he suggests that you put on your big boy pants, have a good helping of Shut-The-Fuck-Up and go to those other places. Or to one particular place he has in mind for you.