About Bubba


Bubba's real name is Dwight Packer, but he's been called Bubba for as long as he can remember. He's 37 years old, 5 foot 8 and a trim 220 pounds. At least Bubba thinks he's trim at 220 pounds. Bubba's wife, Sue Ann, may not share that view, but she's not about to bring it up and start that war- again

Bubba and Sue Ann have two kids, Dwight Jr. and Billy Sue, and Bubba is a sports reporter for the Muscle Shoals Pikayune and the local cable channel 63, KCAR, in Alabama. Bubba's job is pure hog-heaven for a hard-core, dyed-in-the-wool NASCAR fan, since part of his job is traveling to and covering the NASCAR circuit races.

Bubba's hobbies include bass fishing, hunting, vacationing with the family by going bass fishing and hunting, and racing. Bubba races Saturday night short track at the local race track. The car they race is a 69 Camero. The team consists of Bubba's best friend Norwood and the car owner and good friend, Snake.

Bubba's job sends him to all of the Nascar races on the cup circuit. While the winners and leaders of the race are being interviewed in the winner's circle and their luxurious trailers by the major networks, ESPN and the big newspapers, Bubba and his trusty cameraman/soundman/grip/sidekick, LeRoy, usually end up interviewing the driver of the 124 car that got wrecked in turn two of the fourth lap. The Muscle Shoals Pikayune doesn't seem to carry the same weight as the New York Times or even the local network affiliate station at the tracks.

A Bubba interview is somewhat like a Howard Stern interview. The big name, big sponsored drivers are saying to ESPN "I'd like to thank my team and my sponsors, they gave me a terrific car today. We didn't have the best car in practice or in happy hour but because of super pit stops and a complete team effort we were able to get good track position and at the end of the day we had the winning car." But back in the pack, somehow, Bubba brings out the raw, unvarnished, non-NASCAR-sanctioned truth from some of the lesser knowns, like when one of the drivers who got bumped into the wall says something like "that son of a bitch in the 24 car came into turn 3 way too hot, got loose and slammed into my car. I spun out and hit the 18 car and I don't know what happened after that, it was just a cloud of smoke and crunching metal. If that idiot would just have checked-up and ran with the rest of us he wouldn't have wrecked a lot of good cars. It's not the first time this has happened, and next week his pay-back is coming. If NASCAR won't do something about it, I am going to fix that fool and put him in the wall on the first lap so maybe our team can at least finish the race next week. I think he got his NASCAR license off the back of a cereal box."

Always the diplomat, Bubba will sign off saying "Well folks, that's one driver's perspective."

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